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Explosive Safety & Training Facilities


Explosive Safety & Training Facilities

In addition to the main protective engineering side of the business DGA also provide explosive safety design advice to the explosive storage and manufacturing industry as well as the petrochemical sector.

We can advise organisations on compliance with the requirements of the Explosives Regulations 2014 (formerly Manufacture and Storage of Explosives Regulations MSER) and JSP482.

DGA can develop solutions for existing installations that do not meet the requirements of these regulations and we have considerable experience in the field of explosives safety. We can provide advice on the siting and design of new explosive storage, processing and manufacturing facilities.

We can provide assistance with producing the required documentation, including building schedules and plans, for new explosive facilities licence applications in both the UK and around the world.

DGA have successfully completed the design of a number of firing ranges and explosive method of entry (EMOE) facilities for commercial and Government clients. The designs were completed in accordance with guidance provided within JSP403 and handbook of police range safety.

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