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Blast & Ballistic Impact Testing Services

DGA provides an extensive range of testing facilities, such as blast testing and ballistic trials at our tubular firing range in Suffolk. We have also developed a number of bespoke tests which are carried out at our site in Suffolk.

  • Blast testing (up to 0.5Kg TNT)
  • Ballistic testing (up to 0.338” Lapua)
  • Hurricane debris testing
  • Small confined vapour cloud explosion tests
  • High load test table
  • Shockwave testing, using a small shock tube
  • Close in charges and fragment testing (up to 0.5Kg TNT)

DGA have a UKAS accredited ballistic facility (4621) for testing to BS EN 1063 and BS EN 1522/1523.

We also offer a customisation service where we can develop tests in order to meet your specific requirements. For example we recently developed the test method for hurricane debris testing and understand that we are the only test facility in the UK to offer this service.

We have arrangements to use other range facilities in respect of larger charge sizes and calibres.

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